Steam Direct Requirements & Wish List


It’s clear that we’re not all quite on the same page in the community as to how we can get IOS to the point that it is ready for its public release, so this post will serve as a reference for the various ideals and targets.

Ideal Requirements

* At least one quality full-size map that can be used for the purposes of promotion materials and be used as the ‘default’ map in the release version. As it is unlikely we will find an experienced mapper to do this, we should ‘upgrade’ an existing map from any of CC/BlackCat/Pricey’s back catalogue.

  • Clear all bugs & client crashes on - Rom is currently gearing up to focus on these.
  • New official IOS homepage. UI currently being completed by Quincy, and Thing’e’ will code it once he gets it.
  • Gameplay trailer. Iran is currently doing this, but any help is greatly received.

Wish List

  • Some polishing touches to UI - these will likely just be minor (tweaks to splash screen, potential for graphics overlaying the HUD etc).
  • A good quality street or indoor map that can be bundled with the game on release.
  • Improve animations (headers in particular need work, as well as the basic kick). Try and implement more of the animation set (e.g. volley). Josh is currently working with the models and hopefully this is something he may be able to progress with.



I made a street map a while ago, here are some pics of it.