Server starts but not loads a map


Hi guys i setuped a testserver on windows, the server console starts fine but i dont get a map loaded automaticly with +map command or with map in autoexec.cfg

Also my rcon_password “test” seems to be not set.



Can you give some more details?
Did you use SteamCMD or the Steam client to install the dedicated server?
If SteamCMD, which app ID did you use?
What’s the exact command line you use to start the server?


It is installed via Steamcmd with AppID 673560.
Cmd-Line look like:
srcds.exe -port 27015 -ip +maxplayers 8 +sv_lan 0 -console -usercon -game iosoccer +map 8v8_vienna_b6

also i added a map in the autoexec.cfg:

map 8v8_vienna_b6

sv_custom_assets 1

rcon_password “test”


673560 is the client’s app ID, the dedicated server has its own which is 673990.
Can you try installing that one?


Same problem, i did not load a map on statup…


Works only if i load it from console:


Sorry for the late response. I wrote a server guide here. Can you try a clean install with these steps and see if it works?