[Question] Management of goal posts & net


I’m trying to build a custom map where the goal is quite different than most maps, but I’ve come up with a problem regarding the goal posts and the net.

Since i’m using objects different than the normal goal I wanted to know if its possible to give said objects the properties of the brush that comes in the template (so that when the ball hits the net/post the corresponding sound plays and that when it hits the net it doesn’t rebound like it’s a wall).

Any help would be appreciated.


In your texture .vmt files you need to put "$surfaceprop" "iosgoalnets" for the net texture and "$surfaceprop" "iosgoalpost" for the post texture.
The game should then play the correct sounds and apply the custom physics to reduce the bounce strength when the net is hit.


Thanks a lot Kaiser. :+1: :100: