Player box shape


These are the shapes on how a player can touch the ball.


The current shape in IOS.
There is more reach forward which makes it easier to defend.
It is difficult to dribble when the ball is behind the player.


Was introduced in 2012 but got replaced by the capsule in 2015.
This shape allows the player to stand on the ball and ‘rest’ the ball on the head.


Basically there is no reach at the back. This is probably the most realistic shape but also the least convenient.
There was a experiment with this in 2013 but it was massively unpopular at that time.


The old skool one. IOS used to have this shape for a decade. (2002 till 2012)
Biggest con here is that you have larger reach at the corners than the sides. Which leads to awkward moments when fighting for possession.

Which of the 4 shapes do you prefer?

PS: This is NOT a contest as in ‘most votes’ win. Just to see opinions from various players in the community.

  • Capsule
  • Cylinder
  • Pac-Man
  • Rectangle

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Keep it as it is