Multiple suggestions

Hello, dear readers.
I’m here today with aim of suggesting something new to the game in order to make it better and better etc.
I will start with technical ideas.

I think that we could have a private chat in game. Yeah, I know that we have steam but sometimes I don’t think It is useful or so fast as the chat when I want to speak just with one person.

I suggest the admins to create accounts in-game or to use something like a bot to know when someone new joins the game. Why? I’ll explain It on the next topic.

I think that the Tutorial should change and be different. I don’t think that new players will learn how to play with this kind of tutorial and most of the people just don’t look at the tutorial since it’s a bit hided. I would like to create a map (I just have a lot of problems to start doing It) because the map that I have in mind, which is something like a training map, would be used to teach them how to pass, kick, curve, dribble (and how to aim properly) correctly etc. Why would we need an account or the bot (I don’t know what to call It), they would “force” the new players into the tutorial. Therefore after this the game should have its own trailer and its own gameplay. We would have to advertise It (I’m able to record and edit the trailer and the gameplay I already have everything in my mind and I can advertise It).
I suggested this because since I joined this game a lot of players joined the game and already left the game because there are people who insult them and abuse them a lot and they don’t know how to do something properly and this spoils the game a little bit.

So after this I would suggest a server for beginners/newbies so that they don’t have to feel that bad to start (how? An in-game account would help this idea).

I don’t know if I forgot some of my technical ideas but if I did I might be able to create a new topic.

Aesthetic ideas.
Has someone suggested once I will suggest It now but I will try to explain. We could really use the left leg. It wouldn’t make the game more complicated in my opinion. You just would create an option to switch leg (on settings). Instead of using always the right he has to use always the left (and he can switch it on options). I don’t know if you have to create animations or if you can just mirror the right leg.

New hairs and new faces/color skins. I can’t be bald as a black player… And for example since this is “similar” to FIFA my player appearance is from a real player but he isn’t white.

In-game ideas:
Heel-kicks: they exist on the game, that’s true but I can’t use them with a lot of power and use them as a kick on free kicks or penalties etc. I think you could really try to make as real life. Sorry if you think It’s a bit stupid one of my ideas but I’m suggesting all I can.

MVP: you admins could create something to tell who was the man of the match on the end of the match.
Cleansheet: you can also create a cleansheet label for the goalkeepers and not only the saves.

We should have a tool where we could record (rec button) the matches and have access to the statistics etc. and It would be save on a paste. Could be a paste on IOSoccer’s file or whenever we want. Therefore we should be able to watch the records in a website or in-game in order to do our best moments or funny moments or to do a GOTW and a GOTS (I will explain what these words are on the general ideas because this from another idea).

General ideas on the community itself:
Sorry if any of this already exists cuz I didn’t explore the forum that much.

Create a “Goal Of The Week” (GOTW) and the community should and would be able to pick the best goal on the game (pool). This shouldn’t have all the goals but only the best goals of each match (we could put more than just a goal per team). On the end of the season we could create a pool to pick the goal of the season with each goal winner of each week “Goal Of The Season” (GOTS).

You can also create the Team Of The Week (TOTW) and Team Of The Season (TOTS). You have statistics and this is very possible at the moment.

Create an award section. What would we include in there? League titles, top scorer, top assister, gk with most cleansheet, most times man of the match, TOTS, GOTS.

You admins could also promote the activity on the forum with some sections to have some discussion which would be a bit interesting and It could help to meet some people.

Well, I wrote a lot and I don’t have a sheet with my ideas they come on the moment and I suggest them, I speak about them. I might give more suggestions If I remember them.


TemplleGoku !

Whisper chat - It’s not really needed and seems like a waste of time.

Tutorial mode - This is getting revamped as the initial mode was just the bare minimum before Steam release. Obviously to attract a bigger player base we need to be more detailed and helpful with the tutorials.

Left/right leg movement - This has been suggested by lots of people but we don’t believe this will improve the game that IOS has been for more than a decade. Just like the different size, box and shot power etc of a player (attribute system).

Hair/skins - They should be in and more will come as we speak.

Statistics/MVP/TOTW/GOTW/Award - Is this all meant for public, private or tournament games?
For public and private games I don’t see the need for it.
For tournament games it’s mostly done by the organizers anyway.

What we might create is an MMR ladder for private games so you can climb up in the ranking when playing matchmaking. It’s early days though.