Video tutorial

Game controls

This is based on the default config.
LMB = Left Mouse Button
RMB = Right Mouse Button


Show join menu: [L]
Show scoreboard: [TAB] (hold)
Toggle spectator menu: [CTRL] (same as skill key)

:soccer: Moving

Sprinting drains stamina

Forward: [W]
Back: [S]
Left: [A]
Right: [D]
Jump: [SPACE]
Sprint: [SHIFT] (hold)
Walk: [C] (hold)

:soccer: Dribbling

Look down to keep the ball near you.

Dribble shot: [LMB] (hold or tap to dribble)

:soccer: Shooting

Look down to shoot lower, look up to shoot higher.

Charged shot: [RMB] (hold to charge, release to shoot)

:soccer: Passing

Same as shooting.

:soccer: Curling

Press the key shortly before you shoot and hold it until the shot was performed.

Curl left: [A]
Curl right: [D]
Topspin: [SPACE] (holding the jump key is enough, you don’t have to be in the air)

:soccer: Volley

Same as shooting, with ball at hip height.

:soccer: Header

Same as shooting, with ball at head height.

:soccer: Defending

Be patient and don’t let the attacker run past you.

Pressure: [LMB] (hold while close to opponent)
Block shot: [LMB] (hold while standing between attacker and target)
Slide tackle: [ALT] (while moving)
Standing tackle: [ALT] (while standing still)

:soccer: Goalkeeping

Goalkeepers behave the same as outfield players outside the penalty box.

Side dive left: [A] + [SPACE]
Side dive right: [D] + [SPACE]
Forward dive: [W] + [SPACE]
Back dive: [S] + [SPACE]
Jump: [ALT] + [SPACE]
TV camera: [G] (only works while ball is in opposite half)


:soccer: Skill moves

Hold [CTRL] in addition to the specific keys.

Lift up ball: [LMB] (with ball in front)
Rainbow flick: [LMB] (with ball behind)
Precision dribble: [A/D] + [LMB] (with ball in front or to the side)
Backward dribble: [S] + [LMB] (with ball behind or to the side)
Side or back heel: [A/D/S] + [LMB] (with ball coming from behind. Requires another player, or use ball cannon during warm up)
Sombrero flick: [A/D/S] + [LMB] (with ball at hip height)
Diving header: [W] + RMB]
Bicycle kick: [S] + RMB]

:soccer: Gestures

Hold [E] in addition to the specific keys.

Point finger: [LMB]
Wave hand: [RMB]

:soccer: Celebrations

Hold [E] in addition to the specific keys.
Once activated holding [E] is enough to stay in the celebration.

Left fist pump: [CTRL] + [LMB]
Right fist pump: [CTRL] + [RMB]
Fall down forward: [ALT]
Fall down back: [S] + [ALT]
Airplane / Jet: [CTRL] + [W]
Backflip: [S] + [ALT]
Dab: [A] + [CTRL]
Boxing: [SPACE]
One arm raise: [ALT] + [D]


Scoreboard: [TAB]
Join menu: [L]
Toggle player name: [V]
Create ball during warm-up: [Q]
Shoot ball cannon: [R] (replays first shot done after pressing [Q])
Talk in voice chat: [K]
Talk in all chat: [Y]
Talk in team chat: [U]
Talk in spectator chat: [I] (when you are on the bench of a team)

IOSoccer Update - 24 August 2017