List of Suggestions (after 2h of playing)


Keep in mind that I only played 2h, understandable if some of these aren’t good, have been suggested before or should be put differently. Apologies for confusion and thank you for reading!

New Custom UI for the All Menus, unique, simple but nice/clean.
New Custom UI for the Server List, also unique, simple but nice/clean.
Update to SDK 2013 (even tho this is in progress atm)
Make the “Mute Players” options actually work so we do not need to use gag on console, if it doesn’t work now, temporarily remove it till it does.
Remake the tutorial so it features better help as in:
└ All Controls and how-tos (Gestures,Skills,…)
└ Overall Movement
└ Show the radius around the player in which the ball will be hit
└ Show a crosshair so we can estimate where to look at when we kick
└ Teach how to pass with still and moving targets (+Show a bot doing it or ‘ghost’ player)
└ Teach how to receive low/high balls (+Show a bot doing it or ‘ghost’ player)
└ Teach how to shoot a still and moving ball + doing it midair (+Show a bot doing it or ‘ghost’ player)
└ Obstacle course with fast repeating (+Show a bot doing it or ‘ghost’ player)
└ Timed Obstacle Course (optional)
└ Advanced Obstacle Course (+Show a bot doing it or ‘ghost’ player)
└ Timed Advanced Obstacle Course (optional)
└ Kicking at a goal at different positions
└ Kicking at targets on the Goal (+Show a bot doing it or ‘ghost’ player)
└ Kicking with a Bot GK
└ Kicking with a Bot GK+Targets (optional)
└ Prompt the player about if they want to see an example competitive match replay/demo between experienced players, between “4v4”,“11v11” and “8v8” (and also ability to pick another one after they already chose easily, or go back to the tutorial right away)
└ Open a Steam Browser YouTube Video that has a more detailed Tutorial made by the community or anyone approved (UPDATED).

Make it so we do not need to go to into spectator or be ingame to customize our stuff/player/etc… if out of the game just make it all work and if inside a match it should save but only apply it once we go into Spectator or Server Restart/Changelevel/etc…
Ability to hide IP:Addresses since you guys launched on steam and it’s a danger to let IPs just show up so easily on the browser due to attacks and all that, make them hidden somehow if the server owner wants it or also/and an option for players to hide it through settings since ‘big’ Streamers for example would have a hard time if they would leak IPs or something, you get it, no reason not to be able to hide them somehow(same with servernames).
Allow users to enable a border halo around the player(customizable by opacity, color, etc…) in which is the optional/max range in which you will be able to hit a ball.
Allow users to votekick and the votes should be majority of the server agreeing on it, server owner decides if this is ON or not, default off.
The benches don’t seem to be used at all, maybe I am wrong, so why not add spectating players on the benches - “Ghosts” of them and their whole customized kit etc etc… Their names should only show up maybe if you look directly at them and are as close as possible to them.
Allow players to enable an optional crosshair(default off) and customize as a: dot, line, cross, etc… including color, width, thickness, etc… The position of it could be pre-set to three positions like center, below center and another one whatever would be good too.
Allow players to resize the game GUI + reposition everything they want to wherever they want, of course offering simple pre-sets+ability to set to default.
Allow server Admins/Mods to place Cones and the ability to resize them(with min and max limits), also to let them have physics or be stiff(stuck).
Allow players to have more camera options like shoulder viewing.
Create an application/program which makes making a Dedicated Server process much easier since it will get everything required for us and keep it auto-updated(warning players of game updates or whatever needed and ask them if they want to update), set up a folder for our server automatically where they choose it where to be and have a custom whole App(with GUI) when they run the server so they can see players, the map, number of players, the corresponding SteamIDs+pings, Console and ability to easily execute commands, auto-run server.cfgs, change mappool, change settings, add/change custom stuff that the game allows on servers and so on, has been done before, no reason not to have something like this since it may increase the amount of player servers due to easy accessibility.
Add achievements to the game, it’s a fun to have them, no reason not to, make some hard to get and some easy to get, some only obtainable on ‘official’ servers and so on.
Allow server owners to enable an AFK-Checker(off by default) that if a player doesn’t do any keyboard inputs ingame or is alt tabbed for too long it will prompt them to press a random key or write a random word and failing on that with a timer will auto-kick them from the server with a preset message that can be changed by the server owner.
Allow server owners to have some sort of “MOTD” (custom one please not the normal source one) in which will open when players join the server, they’re limited on what they can do but they can have image(s) or written anything they want so they can do information, rules or whatever they want really (make players able to disable this MOTD thing on the settings or by console command).
Remaking all animations or fix them to fit the actual speed/pace of how players move and do skills, a lot doesn’t fit what we do and aren’t smooth enough transitioning between animations, this should be fixed so gameplay looks better.
Improved/Different sounds for Walking, Running and Sprinting.
Fix/Improve directional sounds and how they fade in/out depending on distance, many pros it seems even turn the game sounds off due to how bad it can be.
Provide UI indication of where the ball is when it’s off our screen (default off, can be turned on/off)
Allow server Admins/Mods to increase and decrease the ball size, with presets(default option too) and forced min & max of the same.
Increase the general ball size, since it looks like it’s a little bit too small compared to a normal soccer ball.
I am unaware of how the replay/demo system works, but it would be nice if we have a Custom UI for the Replay in which we can speed up time(with presets), pause, go back in time easily, slow-motion(with presets), check goals and in which times and by who did it by mouse-hovering, check GK Defenses and also a Heat-Map(toggle) of activity through the a overview of the map(no needing using a overview done for the map, just make it have a camera above the map), etc…
Allow devs/mods/admins to be able to have a different name color on the player list or symbol which represents their ‘rank/permissions’ which can be hidden by them through an Admin Panel or/and console command(also make the server owner choose if they want this on/off)
Allow users/players to donate(patreon?) to the Devs/Game in which will grant them automatically after they fill up details an unique Discord Role, In-Game Unique color or indicator for every possible server(and server owners can allow this or not) or only on official servers.
Allow Server Owners to add Admins/Mods through Steam:ID easily/easier.
Attempt to get rid of the “rcon_password” by replacing it by permissions by Steam:ID so it’s more secure and exploit free.
I am not aware if this is a thing but - allow logging for server owners about chat, commands and kicks/bans done by admins/mods and expiration dates(all separated through their own files, on their own folder, everything with timestamps and able to turn off/on) etc…
Allow different more types of banning if there aren’t already: HWID, SteamID, Account, etc…
Allow players to have their own Profile Panel in which they can do a description, add their discord or website link(verification needed), showcase their team, timeplayed, favourite server/map/etc…, their custom kit etc…, and official approved tournaments logging with their placement etc… (accessable by others through the playerlist/tab)
Allow players to enable keys to show up when pressed or not as an overlay positioned wherever they want it to be (for video and streaming purposes I guess)
[Discord] Add an automoderation bot or add into the “Coach” so it can put channels into slowmode (secs), autoremove non-autorized discord invited, autoremove obvious spam, autoremove ASCII art, autoremoved maybe non-whitelisted links, etc etc…
[Discord] Add the ability on a bot, or “Coach” to allow users to create a temporary custom voice-channel with customizable limit of players, block/allow certain users from joining, title and so on(this temp channel may autodelete itself after a few minutes of no user being in it)
[Discord] Add the ability on a bot, or “Coach” so there can be tempmutes, tempbans, etc… and these would all be logged(w/reasons) for Mods+ on it’s own private/locked channel.
[Discord] Explain how Matchmaking works on its own locked-channel above the matchmaking channels (even though if there’s the possibility to MM, add it ingame instead, which can be like people pick their region, it will make them join a general server for it, with the most slots possible, they cannot play in it since it’s a custom server and it will just be a panel window with the players on the side, chat and all button based stuff to matchmake, all working in 1 server for the region, etc…) - Or just have a webbased matchmaking or app like I suggested on #feedback on Discord.
[Discord] Since we have the MM Channels, the bot should assign temporary roles to whoever is participating so it can only mention them and not do a @here which is annoying and makes people mute the channel = less users use it.



Wanted to say it’s great to see that people have suggestions. We appreciate it!
I will come with answers soon.


mybe like granade launcher crosshairs from games because it would fit in games mehaics but wont be a completly different thing and it would be easier to play