List of IOSoccer teams


Here I am listing the IOSoccer teams that are currently running. Now most of them will be obviously from Europe as they represent the biggest playerbase in our game.


Teamname: NextGen
Tag: nG
Founded: 8 August, 2012
Leader: Aryan
Discord: Click

Teamname: Natural Talent
Tag: NT
Founded: 21 May, 2017
Leader: Wilmots
Discord: Click

Teamname: Natural Talent Academy
Tag: NTA
Founded: 10 May, 2018
Leader: Jiggy
Discord: Click

Teamname: Iberian Lynx
Tag: iLynx
Founded: 23 June, 2018
Leader: Destran, DraexxSau
Discord: Click

Teamname: Zero
Tag: Zero
Founded: 12 October, 2018
Leader: Agger, Lewiss
Discord: Click

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