Job offers


We need you to be part of the IOSoccer development team.
Don’t worry if you’re not an expert on a topic - every contribution helps.
As IOSoccer is a free and non-commercial game these are unpaid jobs.

Job offers and required skills in alphabetical order:

  • Angular 2 Programmer:
    You can code in or are willing to learn Angular 2 for the website frontend. The website will be the central hub for competitions, teams, match statistics, and more.

  • Audio Engineer:
    You know how to cut and clean up crowd chants for the game. Bonus points you can create your own sounds for shots and collisions.

  • C# (.NET Core) Programmer:
    You know .NET. You will code the website backend using .NET Core and expose a REST API to the frontend. The backend SQL database will save and offer data for competitions, teams, match statistics, and more.

  • C++ Game Programmer:
    You know how to write code in C++. Bonus points if you’ve written game code in C++ before. More bonus points if you already know the Source Engine SDK.

  • Mapper:
    You know how to create maps (stadiums) using Hammer.

  • Modeler/Animator/Rigger:
    You can edit the player model to add meshes like wrist bands, add new animations like celebrations, and/or fix problems with the rigging or UV maps.

  • Texture Artist:
    You can create textures for game assets such as team kits, shoes, keeper gloves, balls, field grounds, and/or stadium props.

  • UI/UX Designer:
    You can create images, design mockups and/or workflows for the game and/or the website.


Could try posting on to see if anyone is interested on there. forum buttom should link to this forum instead of the old one