IOSoccer Update - 9 August 2017 or before

Wednesday 9 August, 2017

  • Updated the following generic kits made by @tet: Netherlands, Russia and United States
  • Removed the following generic kits: China and Scotland
  • Reduced singlekeeper switch value (sv_singlekeeper_switchvalue 40 -> 25)

Sunday 6 August, 2017

  • Updated the following generic kits made by @tet: France, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Spain

  • Increased sombrero max strength (sv_ball_sombreroflick_maxstrength 500 -> 600)

  • Reduced volley topspin (sv_ball_volleyshot_topspincoeff 0.5 -> 0.4)

Saturday 5 August, 2017

  • Fixed socks UV map for kit textures by @Mark

  • Improved running animations looping by @Mark

  • Added side standing tackle:

  • Added back standing tackle:

    • BACK + SLIDE
  • Added backflip celebration made by @Mark:

  • Added dab celebration made by @Mark:

    • GESTURE + SKILL + LEFT (hold GESTURE to keep it active)
  • Changed airplane celebration trigger:

    • GESTURE + SKILL + FORWARD (hold GESTURE to keep it active)

Friday 4 August, 2017

  • We’re now using the Steam pre-release version. All updates will be downloaded through Steam. Due to Steam restrictions you need a key to play the game until it’s publicly released. Request your key here if you haven’t yet.

  • Added sombrero flick skill move for volley range while ball is in air. Vertical view controls shot strength (looking straight ahead is strongest, looking more up/down makes it weaker):

    • Back: SKILL + BACK + LMB
    • Side: SKILL + LEFT/RIGHT + LMB
  • Increased vertical area where volleys are performed

  • Added volley animation

  • Added default topspin to volleys (EXPERIMENTAL)

  • Volleys have 15% more sidespin than normal shots (EXPERIMENTAL)

  • Improved TV camera algorithm

  • Players can now combine actions with gestures during celebrations and in warm-up period (e.g. sliding while pointing)

  • Fixed players stuck in airplane celebration when match starts

  • Fixed whistle sound not triggering when some period changes occur

  • Fixed server crash when set piece taker times out

  • Improved goal scorer and assister checks (this also fixes a bug which attributed goals to the wrong team in rare instances)

Sunday 30 July, 2017

  • Reduced slide tackle reaches

  • Reduced keeper movement duration (mp_keeperdive_move_duration 0.25 -> 0.2)

Friday 14 July, 2017

  • Reduced keeper movement duration (mp_keeperdive_move_duration 0.3 -> 0.25)

Sunday 2 July, 2017

  • Add airplane celebration made by @Josh (GESTURE + SPRINT)

  • Add fist bump celebrations (left fist: GESTURE + SKILL + LMB; right fist: GESTURE + SKILL + RMB)

  • Add fall down celebrations (forward: GESTURE + SLIDE; back: GESTURE + SLIDE + BACK)

  • Fix TV camera target on goal celebrations

  • Change main menu entry from “Settings” to “Customize”

  • Adjust updater texts

Saturday 1 July, 2017

  • Increased ball roll (sv_ball_rotdamping 0.75 -> 0.66)

  • Reduced heading curl (sv_ball_header_spincoeff 0.75 > 0.5)

This should make headers a bit more difficult to score as you have to aim more on target than before.

Tuesday 27 June, 2017

  • Changed keeper diving exponent. It will make the keeper dives lose speed linearly. (mp_keeperdive_move_exponent 2 -> 1)

  • Increased keeper diving speed (mp_keeperdivespeed_longside 500 -> 800)

  • Reduced keeper movement duration (mp_keeperdive_move_duration 0.35 -> 0.3)

  • Increased keeper diving idle duration (mp_keeperdive_idle_duration 0.33 -> 0.5)

Supersonic diving speed. Should make keeping more ping friendly but still required a good positioning in order to not concede goals that easily. Even from long distance.

Despite the reduced movement duration this is a big buff for keepers as they have more total reach (120 over 116) and the first tenths of a second they dive a lot more faster than before.

Sunday 25 June, 2017

  • Only perform deflections if the player is holding the left mouse button without pressing any other modifier:
    If a shot is strong enough and a player is trying to touch it shortly after the shot was performed (e.g. a defender trying to block a cross) they will perform a deflection instead of a normal action. A deflection is like a normal collision, but has a bigger touch radius to make it easier to block shots. The normal collision radius is used during dribbling to allow the ball carrier to keep the ball close to them.
    Before this change the deflection radius was also used when a player was hit by a pass while shot charging (before releasing the button), resulting in the ball bouncing off too early.
    You now have to hold M1 (without +skill) to get the extra deflection reach when trying to block a shot.

  • Delete all previous touches when launching the ball cannon during intermission periods:
    This ensures that all balls launched through the cannon are treated as if they come from other players.
    This fixes wrong collision behavior when shooting yourself with the ball cannon and allows you to practice heel shots during intermissions (back to ball, use A/S/D & M1 & +skill).

  • Add keeper key mode:
    Allows keepers to set which keys perform dives and jumps. You can change the mode in the gameplay section of the settings menu.

  • Change charged shot and stamina bar colors to give better contrast to green pitch

  • Fix default and hover colors for radio buttons and checkboxes in menu

Friday 16 June, 2017

  • Increased keeper diving idle duration (mp_keeperdive_idle_duration 0.25 -> 0.33)

  • Increased keeper side diving speed (mp_keeperdivespeed_longside 450 -> 500)

  • Reduced keeper movement duration (mp_keeperdive_move_duration 0.4 -> 0.35)

  • Increased chance of keeper catching ball while performing forward dive (sv_ball_keepercatchdelay_forwarddive_global_coeff 0.5 -> 0.25)

The forever issue with keeping continues on but this is just a path we decided to take since last month. Faster dive speed to avoid keeper pre-diving out of panic. (Still going to happen but we hope a lot less) In return there will be less diving duration. A system like this makes good aimed shots in or around the box more likely to go in but the keeper has quicker reflexes than before.

We are still thinking about making keeper diving speed also depending on running/sprinting like Beta 4.0 but this is still under review.

Thursday 15 June, 2017

  • Reduced sliding height reach (sv_ball_slidezend 50 -> 25)

  • Increased sliding tackle speed (mp_slidespeed 350 -> 400)

  • Increased diving header speed (mp_divingheaderspeed 350 -> 400)

  • Increased standing tackle speed (mp_standing_tackle_speed 350 -> 400)

  • Reduced diving header movement duration (mp_divingheader_move_duration 1 -> 0.75)

  • Reduced sliding tackle movement duration (mp_slide_move_duration 0.66 -> 0.5)

After hearing some complains on slide tackling we decided to change certain values to make ‘random’ fouls less likely to happen. However we do not believe that this is going to change a lot on that regard. We also increased diving header, slide tackle, standing tackle to 400 speed as it needs to have more than sprinting which is 350.

Sunday 11 June, 2017

  • Removed player country setting and replaced player national team text field with drop-down list of FIFA country codes

  • Added FifaCountryCode property to team kits (see

  • Added Tags property to all assets (see

  • Added filtering to mp_teamkits (use mp_teamkits "a b c" to list kits which metadata contain the strings “a”, “b” or “c”)

  • Added back translation lock to slide tackles

  • Added back translation and rotation lock to keeper dives

  • Added mp_keeperdive_move_exponent to control how quickly the horizontal dive speed approaches 0

  • Lowered default player camera height (cl_cam_height 15 -> 10)

  • Lowered default goal opacity when goal is blocking player view (cl_goal_opacity 0.25 -> 0.1)

  • Fixed player hair style selection resetting to first hair style when opening settings menu

Friday 9 June, 2017

  • Increased keeper diving speed (mp_keeperdivespeed_longside 425 -> 450)

  • Reduced keeper dive movement (mp_keeperdive_move_duration 0.45 -> 0.40)

  • Increased offside distance meter (sv_ball_offsidedist 25 -> 50)

  • Some tweaks with the freekick, corner and throw-in shield to make it realistic possible.

This is 99% the initial keeper change I made before all the outrage started. (0.40 instead of 0.42) Yes, your duration during diving is slower but you make up for it with the faster divespeed. More a buff than nerf.

Will monitor how the offside check will work. It could lead to awkward situations but it also helps against offside players trying to protect the ball. 50 is probably still too short for that but it’s a step.

Tuesday 6 June, 2017

  • Increased stoppage time coefficient (mp_injurytime_coeff 1 -> 1.5)

  • Reduced stamina drain (mp_stamina_drain 13 -> 12)

  • Reduced heading spin (sv_ball_header_spincoeff 1 -> 0.75)

Headers nerf?

Sunday 4 June, 2017

  • Increased sprinting (mp_sprintspeed 325 -> 350)

  • Reduced stamina replenish (mp_stamina_replenish 12 -> 10)

  • Reduced ball roll (sv_ball_rotdamping 0.6 -> 0.75)

  • Increased ball spin (sv_ball_spin 3250 -> 3500)

  • Increased magnus force (sv_ball_magnus_coeff 100 -> 200)

  • Reduced slide tackle idle (mp_slide_idle_duration_ 0.33 -> 0.25)

This CFG update should add more variation to the game.