IOSoccer Update - 31 October 2017

  • Reduced keeper diving speed (mp_keeperdivespeed_longside 800 -> 700)
  • Incresaed keeper movement rate (mp_keeperdive_move_duration 0.3 -> 0.33)

Hoping that this will avoid more situations where keeper dived too fast past the ball.

  • Increased pitchup coeff (sv_ball_pitchup_fixedcoeff 0.75 -> 0.8)

Able to lob a bit higher. Also reaching further distance with long ball or goal kick.

  • Reworked spin system (again) (sv_ball_spin 6500 -> 4500) and (sv_ball_magnus_coeff 100 -> 150)

Hard to explain but the higher spin (sv_ball_spin) made the ball first bounce spin side too drastic. However when the magnus is too high, the ball bounces too fast to the ground. This should be a good balance till we move to a different engine with better physics.

In terms of ‘true curl’. This shouldn’t differ too much from the previous. If it is then let me know.

  • Incresaed sombrero max strength (sv_ball_sombreroflick_maxstrength 600 -> 650)

Speaks for itself.