IOSoccer Update - 30 April 2018

  • Player overall reach (the so called hitbox) reduced. So you need to have the ball even more closer to your model in order to hit it.
  • Shots generally are more powerful than before
  • Jumping is lower to avoid (defending) headers going too far and minimal bunny hop advantage
  • Charging takes now 1 second instead of 0.75
  • Reworked replay and highlight system.
  • The goal + replay system is as followed: 6 seconds celebration, 8 seconds first replay, 6 seconds second replay(0.5x speed), 4 seconds third replay (0.25x speed). This in total is 24 seconds between goal trigger and kick-off whistle.
  • Sideline and Fixed Sideline camera view has been tweaked and hopefully improved
  • Highlight is back again. Every highlight during HT and FT (cooldown) is 6 seconds
  • Rainbow flick goes more forward
  • Sliding and standing tackle speed reverted to late 2017. Shouldn’t make a difference as the reach is still the same. There was simply too much slide fest going on.