IOSoccer Update - 29 March 2019



  • Stamina length increased from 9.1 seconds to 10 seconds (it takes to drain a full stamina bar)
  • Stamina replenish rate reduced from 11.1 seconds to 12.5 seconds (it takes to replenish a full stamina bar)
  • Goal net physics should work more realistically
  • Back and side heel strength increased from 85 to 90% power of the received ball
  • Heading spin reduced from 66% to 60% of actual spin
  • Lowered bounding box (player to player collision distance) to stimulate more tackling possibilities
  • Charge duration increased from 0.75 to 1s


  • Increased stamina and shot bar height and width


  • 6v6_eng_arena added made by Rorro