IOSoccer Update - 28 July 2019


  • Side and back standing reach have both been increased from 30 to 35 (front remains 45). This gives players now ~30% more reach forward than to the sides and the back (was 50% before).

  • Reverted player/ball collision area back to pre-19 July 2019

  • Best shot angle is now lower than before. This should make ground/low height shots stronger.

  • Keeper dive speed has been increased.

  • Slide and diving header speed has been slightly increased

  • Slide tackle will now check for fouls whenever you press/hold the left mouse button. This check happens during the entire length of the slide. Previously it was only done at the very beginning of the slide. Shooting the ball during the slide disables the foul check.

The following changes haven’t made it in this update, but we’re hoping to release them soon:

  • Celebration system rework: Performing celebrations will be easier, with a UI showing you the celebration list and the number keys being used to trigger them.
  • Charged back heel shot
  • Charged chip shot