IOSoccer Update - 25 April 2018

  • Sprinting speed has been reduced and reverted back to June 2017 and before. This to make spacing more important than it is. Also there was simply too much sprinting.
  • Stamina drain reverted back to June 2017 and before. This is only done to compensate the loss of distance with reduced sprint.
  • Ball rolls slightly less. Also as effect of the sprinting speed.
  • Keepers can dive safer into the net than before. There was simply too many goals that came from a save. It can still happen, but the chance of it happening should be reduced.
  • Changed replays and removed 3rd replay. Was the celebration replay really worth our time?
  • Removed highlights. Be it temporary!
  • Stoppage time should be reduced. Was too many 3 or more on stoppage time.
  • Diving header range has been reduced. Received some complains on this.

This update will probably be very noticeable regarding sprinting speed. But should be easy to get used to and also feel easier than it currently was.
Matches should also be done quicker.