IOSoccer Update - 21 July 2018



  • Removed curling from dribble shot:
    This makes dribbling easier and more consistent.

  • Removed ball collisions while dribbling with the ball on the ground:
    You can now weave the ball between your feet (Note: You will still hit yourself if you shoot while the ball is behind you).

  • Reduced collision distance between players:
    You can now move closer to players before colliding with them.

  • Added player reach indicator:
    The circle shows you the area where you can shoot the ball (can be toggled in the “Customize -> Visuals” menu).

  • Increased player deflection area:
    Blocking crosses is now easier than before.

  • Added dynamic set-piece shield:
    The set piece shield starts at radius 0 and grows over a couple of seconds to max radius. This gives players time to position themselves and allows faster set piece execution.

  • Removed charged shot from kick-offs:
    You can only use dribble shot now to perform a kick-off. This is to combat cheap goals right after kick-off.

  • Adjusted player/ball collision area at the feet:
    The ball bounces off at a better angle now when hitting another player in the feet.

  • Reduced keeper catch/parry timer:
    Keepers catch more shots now instead of parrying them.

  • Reduced keeper punch strength:
    Keepers have now more chance to reclaim rebounds than before.

  • Slightly increased header curl strength.

  • Changed default keeper mode to legacy settings:
    A/D = Side dive and W/S = Jump. This can be changed in the “Customize -> Gameplay” menu.

  • Fixed a bug where step sounds would be played during instant replays.

  • Reduced the volume of other players’ footsteps.

  • Added AFK auto-benching for players who aren’t moving for too long:
    Adjust with “sv_awaytime_match_autospec”. Set to 0 to disable.

  • Added ConVars to control the random team kit pool servers select kits from in public matches:

  • Made offside line colors more pleasant to look at.


  • Added Belgium, Croatia, Mexico and Uruguay generic kits made by Pájaro
  • Added 5v5_mountain made by Gonzalo
  • Updated adboards in 5v5_south map