IOSoccer Update - 2 September 2018



  • Increased bounding box (player to player collision)
  • Ball rolls slightly more
  • Reduced sliding reach
  • Removed standing tackle
  • Increased jumping height
  • Added a ConVar that removes kick-off charge block during competitive matches
  • Keeper parry the ball more forward. This to avoid goals that happen right after a save.
  • Keeper catch/parry timer lowered in a way that makes keeper catch more shots.
  • Reduced sombrero and rainbow flick power
  • Increased skill modifier power
  • Lowered the set-piece shield grow timer. This to avoid set-pieces getting blocked too easily.


  • Reduced scoreboard length from 768 to 720


  • Added Chile generic kit made by Rorro
  • Removed 5v5_club_fustal from the default map pool
  • Added 5v5_indoor to the map pool
  • Removed a glow effect from the ball
  • Added 8v8_suspension made by CaptainCaffeine