IOSoccer Update - 18 December 2018

  • Argentina and Japan generic kits updated by @Rawix
  • Keeper gloves added made by Ragnar
  • Shoes added made by @Rawix
  • Slide tackle duration reduced
  • Minimum dribble power increased (when you look top down to dribble)
  • Higher shots have more power (which makes shots on target less powerful)
  • Ball spin increased
  • Sprinting speed increased
  • Advantage play take 1 second longer than current (was 3, now 4)
  • Celebration time reduced from 8 to 6 seconds.
  • Celebration camera shown at the third replay again (4 seconds)
  • Keeper diving speed slightly increased
  • Keeper diving duration (the time in air) slightly reduced
  • Keeper vertical reach reduced but still having advantage over outfield players
  • Jumping increased (back to how it was in 2016)
  • Set-pieces take longer to take than before (allows opponent team more time to reorganize and move back) Only free-kick and offside take longer to take.

You can expect more.