IOSoccer Update - 15 May 2019



  • Ball reach reduced
    The ball ‘box’ has been slightly decreased to make the ball reach realistic with the texture.

  • Landing speed when jumping increased
    Now you won’t lose too much speed when you land after a jump.

  • Walking speed increased
    Ceremonial but still good to see a bit increased

  • Running speed decreased
    To create a decent gap between sprint and run speed. As increasing sprint speed wasn’t an option. This was a good alternative. After all it’s also the most realistic change.

  • Player accelerate decreased
    Another slight reduce in acceleration. So it will take a bit longer to get full speed.

  • Player bounding box increased
    From 20x20 to 22x22. This was 24x24 prior to the April update. 22x22 should be just enough to not go through players while keeping the boxes small as possible.

  • Slide tackle forward reach increased
    To make up for the lack of speed that it suffered month ago.

  • Slide tackle height reach increased
    Now more chance you can slide the ball more in the air than before

  • Keeper diving speed increased
    As we want to make the keeper realistic but also playable. It’s best to have a faster speed (as long it’s not ridiculous high) but less in total reach.

  • Keeper forward dive height reach increased
    Same as slide tackling but also for keeper forward dive

  • Keeper rebound power increased
    For making it harder to score ‘easy’ rebound goals

  • Keeper time parry timer increased
    More likely that a keeper parry shots. However keeper will always save standing saves and when the ball comes near the hands (sweetspot).

  • Volley now adds 10% more power and spin
    Get ready. You can only volley when ball is hip height and curling it.

  • All shots and headers can be performed on various angles
    For example headers are easier to control as they can come down more than before.

  • Deflections have more weight
    The ball will ‘fly’ less when you shoot on someone while he can’t control it.

  • Dribbling weight reduced
    Should make dribbling feel more responsive

  • Set-piece time limit increased
    Instead of 15 seconds, you now have 20 seconds time to shoot.

  • Set-piece system changed
    You can only run to the ball. If you failed to do so you will need to run back and wait till the block timer is off.

  • Set-piece shield increased
    Example for free-kicks the wall distance is bigger. This should give the free-kick taker a better chance to shoot over the wall.


  • 8v8_wasser_stadium added
    Finally a new 8v8 stadium arrived! Thanks to @NIGHTFLAME

  • Ukraine generic kits added
    The yellow blue Ukrainian generic kit made by @nsq

  • cl_cam_height new default value is 0.
    It’s better for newer players to learn from the 0 height view. However this doesn’t any current players as their height value is already set in config.cfg.