IOSoccer Update - 15 July 2019


  • Fixed ball shadow bug when using low quality shadow setting


  • Standing reach is now a box instead of circle, with more reach forward than to the sides and to the back. (see image)
    A box should be easier to understand and play with rather than a circle.

  • Gravity reverted to 900

  • The shot mechanics have been slightly rebalanced. You can now look down and up 5° more to have more control. Other values have been adjusted accordingly.

  • Slide tackle now has a touch area that’s shifted further ahead but with less reach towards the back.

  • Deflection reach has been increased. This allows player the chance to deflect more shots/passes.


  • Keeper changing direction limit is now 30° from the start angle.
    This to prevent people from accidentally turning too much while diving and unintentionally reducing their own reach, while still allowing correction of dive direction after dive start.

  • Keeper diving speed has been slightly increased.
    This to balance the fact that LMB/M1 and minimum RMB/M2 has been increased.

  • Keeper catch/parry timer has been decreased to 0.66s between shot and save (was 0.75).

  • Keeper parry the ball more forward.
    This to prevent more shots going in while keeper parrys a shot. Will still happen if keeper angle isn’t ideal.


  • Added small bar at the bottom of the shot bar that shows you how much the vertical angle reduces the shot power.
    The more you look up or down the weaker shots are. This is to allow you to dribble by looking down and to prevent people from shooting up straight in the air with full power. A full bar means you have the vertical angle where you can shoot with full power.

  • Shot bar and stamina bar are now symmetrical and expand from the center left and right (legacy bar is now optional)


  • Russia generic kit has been updated made by Lemon

  • All shoes made by Rawix has been updated and new ones added. Take a look!