IOSoccer Update - 1 June 2019

Hair! Props! Discord!
This update contains a large volume of change to the player models, listed in full below, including a plethora of new hairstyles, and a hat that goalkeepers can wear to keep cool in the upcoming Summer months. There’s also the introduction of a new “warm-up menu”, which comes packed with an array of new props that can be used in warm-up mode to train with (sv_restart -1 in console to enable warm-up mode). Adding to all that excitement, we now have implemented Discord RPC (Rich Presence) integration, whereby people can follow the scoreline and state of the match you’re playing all from the comfort of Discord.

General enhancements
Added Discord RPC (Rich Presence) integration
Added command to remove a players card when they have been sent off (sv_removeplayercardban)
Added key binding options for:

  • Gaining captaincy
  • Starting timeout
  • Stopping timeout

Warm-up mode
Added warm-up menu for warm-up functionality shortcut keys including prop spawning
Changed prop creation to be enabled by default
Added limit to props per player (mp_maxprops), defaulting to 15 props
Added physics-enabled props
Added new props: single dummy, dummy wall, speedbar, hurdle, barrel, new cones, and stand alone goal prop

Player model enhancements
Fixed rendering of existing hairstyles
Added “arrow” celebration (by Whatniesta)
Added “cross” celebration (by Whatniesta)
Added captains armband to model, displayed when player is captain
Added wristbands for donators (oh hai!)
Added cap for goalkeepers (model by JuanmiJuan, texture by Rawix)
Added afro hairstyle for black & white skins (by JuanmiJuan)
Added spiky fade hairstyle for white skin (by JuanmiJuan)
Added bleached mohawk hairstyle for all skins
Added black coloured gentleman hairstyle for white skin
Added shaved hairstyle for white skin
Added bald head variant for black skin
Added alternate shaved head for black skin
Added bald head variant for asian skin
Added shaved head for asian skin

Special thanks to JuanmiJuan, Whatniesta, Rawix, LISO and DavidOneSeven for all of their contributions to this release, and their continued enthusiasm in creating new content.