forum buttom should link to this forum instead of the old one


When you click on the FORUM button in, it takes you to the old forum. I think it should link to the new one instead.


Thanks, I’ll tell Thinge to update it.


That entire website need a change though.


Have just updated now. Like Iran says, the whole site needs changing. The one I put up was only supposed to be temporary (note the tmpsite path used everywhere, ha), but the main site hasn’t progressed that far yet. Hopefully we’ll come together to make some progress on it soon though.


Why not making a new website ? One with more trend. I have already made some website with Wordpress, using DIVI mod. I can share it to you. simple to use

Having a nice and an attractive website could be the keys of success of what your trying to make with this new IOS


We’ll make the new website with Angular 2. First a simple one that’s similar to the current site. Later it will be extended to support competitions, teams and statistics. See here. A Wordpress website would work for now, but there’s little benefit in setting up Wordpress now just to throw it away later. We need a more complex site sooner or later and Wordpress isn’t the right tool for that. Instead of investing time in the Wordpress we can just use the time to set up the simple Angular 2 site.