How to use props


Permission props
In order to do this you need to have RCON access for giving permission (incl. yourself).
sv_propcreation <userid> <allowed>{0/1}

  • For the userid, you can find it in users. So if my ID is 4 then you do sv_propcreation 4 1
  • To give everyone access you simply just do sv_propcreation -1 1

Now we got that past you can createprops. For now there is only 3.

  • Prop 1 - Goal posts
  • Prop 2 - Goal net
  • Prop 3 - Training cone (technically a traffic cone from HL2)

Spawn props
createprop <proptype>{1-3} <zoffset> <pitchrotation>

  • To spawn one you do createprop 1
  • Now with the cone you will notice that the prop gets under the ground. To fix that you just need to add an zoffset. For cones it will be createprop 3 +15
  • You can also rotate the props by adding a third value so for example createprop 1 0 90

Delete props
deleteprop <proptype>{1-3}

  • To delete a certain prop (eg. cone) you do deleteprop 3 and you have to look at the prop you want to delete.
  • If you want to delete any type prop you look at without being precise then you do deleteprop 0 and look at the object you want to delete.
  • Or even easier. Delete all? deleteprop -1 and in this case you don’t need to look at anything.


  • You can only delete props of your own. So you can’t delete others.
  • All props will be deleted when the match goes live.
IOSoccer Update - 3 April 2019
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