How do you want to trigger celebrations?


As we’re adding additional celebrations it gets more and more difficult to find free key combos to trigger celebrations that don’t break your fingers.

I want to hear from you what trigger system you’d prefer to use that can easily support 50+ celebrations.

Current system

Uses key combos of movement and action keys to trigger celebrations.


  • Uses context whenever possible (e.g. backflip uses the jump key plus modifiers instead of an unrelated key)
  • Can easily combine it with gestures (e.g. waving hand while knee sliding)


  • Is getting overloaded and requires more and more keys to press at the same time
  • Is getting less intuitive to use the more celebrations there are (e.g. having to use the moveleft key to perform the dab)


I would prefer a system where you can choose in the personalise menu your favourite ~10 celebrations and have them binded to the number keys.
So say you’ve chosen key number 1 to be the dab, you’d press the key just once and the dab would hold until you do another celebration or press it again (so you’d still be able to spam, walk around etc and m1 could cancel any active celebration maybe)
Celebrations like the recent boxing animation obviously can’t follow the same thing as being held after being pressed, so maybe if there was a way you could only press the key once for certain celebrations instead of it being held.
Backflip should be default in “celebration mode” similar to how it was in the old ios (you jump backwards and it does it auto) and slide should default to the knee slide celebration, this way there’s an easy understanding of how to do things & it’s simple to do while combining sliding/backflips