-/-/-How can we create an IOSoccer team?-/-/-


It would be great for everybody to know.


Well it’s basicly like any other game, at the moment the league’s preparing for a second div for the new teams. You need to contact people to see what position they play and if they want to join, probably make a discord with a bot in (like the matchmaking bot) and then contact the league’s admins about your team.


Note that this is about having a team in Europe. The matchmaking as currently constructed is only for that region. For other regions we will do our best to get them a competitive scene going.

Start a team

  1. Find players that agree to join your team
  2. Start a Discord guild(server) and invite them in.
  3. Invite the matchmaking bot to your channel: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=310871748562386954&scope=bot
  4. Make sure the bot has the right ‘MANAGE CHANNELS’ in the specific channel.
  5. Type in: !configurebasic MYNEWTEAM GK CB LB RB CM CF LW RW
  6. Sign up with !POS (eg. !GK or !CF). Can undo with !unsign or !remove [PLAYER].

Can also make your own matchmaking bot if capable or do it manually. That is all each team’s own decision.

Finding a match
This is when you have a full team signed and searching for a competitive game.

As of 11 June 2018 this is how it works.

  1. Sign your team in #8v8 channel in the official IOSoccer discord. You have to write !vs TEAM
  2. You highlight everyone in that channel by typing !hl or !highlight
    2b. Just after you highlighted you can also mention that you want a team to face if you prefer that over a mix.
  3. Once mix is full you ready up the #8v8 mix AND your own team by doing !ready [NUMBER]. The correct number is the servers that are available by doing !servers (eg. if the match is played in ‘The Kitchen’ then you do !ready 2
  4. You all go to the server and play in your particular position.

You can do things a lot more different than I just explained but at least the basic should be here.