Goalkeeping feedback


Hello. I’m a Goalkeeper. I save balls from people who throw them at me. Maximum bully, I know. Here’s my feedback for Goalkeeping comparing it to b4.

So the point of this feedback is to make the developers understand the balance between the fieldplayers and the goalkeeper. I’ll try to be as constructive and positive as possible.

Velocity of the ball.

This problem has been present ever since we went from b4 to Source. The change made the velocity increase probably three times the amount compared to how it was back in b4.

Pros: It’s flashy. Makes you really feel good if you hit the charged power bar to the maximum together with a good placement of the ball. It’s a really nice touch for faster plays (if the pitch has been made bigger in size compared to b4).

Cons: I could once in a while save Hewlee’s incredibly well positioned power shots in b4. Together with jumping towards the side and hit the slide button, you could save a fast ball shot from the player on the left side aiming towards the other side of the net.
This made the Goalkeeper able to also save shots that were incredibly well positioned towards the other side of the net but for a cost. When you did slide, that animation would carry on for at least 2 seconds. So if you missed saving it and it hit the post, you’d be immobile for a while not being able to save if the attacker gets the ball from the hitting the post.

It was a very good (but unintentional I’d say) choice to save but costly. Not only did you get praise because Hewlee is known as a incredible goalscorer with precision and power but you also felt like “I can make a big impact”.
When source came out, that “impact” no longer exists. The velocity of the ball is just too quick today even if your reflexes are top notch. As much as fieldplayers could make flashy plays, so could Goalkeepers. I feel that today, that is not as possible as I’d like it to be.

Conclusion: Turn the velocity of the ball down at maximum charge. It impacts the game, making the game feel slower if the pitch is indeed larger than it was in b4. That’s bad, I understand.
But Goalkeepers are done for if a player manages to hit a well positioned maximum charged ball to the other side of the net. Is it intentional? Should Goalkeepers really be defenseless if that happens?

If that is true then it’s not as fun to play a Goalkeeper if you have some certain scenarios where you just have to accept conceding a goal knowing you’re done for. Finding a balance to this problem would be ideal, to still keep the pace up but also have Goalkeepers a chance to make big saves and impact the game.

Curving the ball

Also a problem since Source.

Pros: It feels awesome curving a ball when it comes to tricking other players making it into great passes and even goals. Flashy.

Cons: But how the hell are you even gonna stand a chance together with the velocity of the ball when the Goalkeeper sees the ball being shot towards his right, makes a good timing to save the ball and all of a sudden the ball curves towards the middle of the goal. Another chanceless attempt for the Goalkeeper. Might aswell just sit tight and hope someone misses the ball.

If there was a possibility for us to KNOW when the ball was hit that it’s most likely gonna curve, but not tell us the curvature itself; that would be a huge balance for us Goalkeepers. But right now, you can’t tell if the ball is gonna curve or not until it’s actually curving. And a late diving Goalkeeper will concede a goal. One who times it right with an approximation of when to dive would save many shots. Right now it feels like a Goalkeeper has to ideally wait half way and see if the ball curves or not. That might be too late to dive considering the velocity problem of the ball.

Conclusion: This might not be a problem, aswell as the velocity issue, in public games but in proper organized teams against others where the skill cap is a bit higher I feel that the Goalkeepers end up having a more difficult, if not impossible, task saving shots from good players. Again an example; even if Hewlee’s skill cap was four times as mine in b3-b4, I could still save his balls once in a while. Put Hewlee in this version of the game. He’ll score 10/10 balls against me. I’ll honestly stand no chance.

Not very entertaining if the GAME is hindering your ability to grow as a player. This is the reality I believe us Goalkeepers are in right now.

Goal Posts

Shortly put, I’d like a change to revert the translucency of the posts back to being able to see them. CC had this complaint yesterday aswell.


Cons: Why does the Goalkeeper freeze mid air when you dive sideways? Isn’t the point diving to the sides to be able to save a shot if you’re standing on one side and you wanna save a shot going to the opposite side? But I feel like when I’m trying to save a shot like that, the Goalkeeper just stops mid-air and ends up just a small distance compared to the distance that once was in b4. Is this an engine problem? Intentional? Goalkeepers right now feel VERY immobile because of this.

I sometimes wonder if I manage to save a shot by running normally to the other side would be faster than diving.

Please understand that even if these are problems that have been brought up, I brought it up. It’s basically an opinion of the game of how I feel the game has leaned towards. The problems I addressed might be wrong and it might be intended.

If you reached the end, thank you for reading. Regardless, I’ll give this game another shot and see if I can find that entertainment if I found as a Goalkeeper before source.