Goalkeeper, Defending & General Improvements


Animations are broken for some things as you may know. Slide tackles work 1 in 20 times it feels. That’s the biggest problem with defending. Standing tackles move you too far, so maybe use CTRL to perform a standing tackle and ALT to slide.

Goalkeeping animations will be tricky. An idea might be to have saves in a semi ragdoll - semi animated style? Atm the animation makes it hard at times to judge where to dive and where to left click. Have hands ragdoll towards the ball in an attempt to parry or catch the ball while the body of the keeper is fully animated. Now, obviously the hands aren’t going to be fully flailing around, but if they had some essence of randomness in their movement it would make the saves look like the ball doesn’t teleport into the keepers hands. Basically just have them moving towards the ball during saves. That is, if it’s possible in this engine. Add in an animation to pick up the ball too, it’s needed lel. Another idea, although it’s not the best, is to have keeper saves using the mouse. This idea was more of a thought while I tried out first person, but it goes along with the hands being seperate to the body’s animation. If they you could have a seperate option like you have for first person, to use the mouse to save like those goalkeeping flash games, would be pretty decent tbh. Like maybe a toggle button like Q or E or something to trigger it for shots close to your body in that area that you’re like “can I save this with a dive or a left click”.

Like the hands being searching for the ball during animations, heading could have something like this, although I’m unsure about this. The heading in this game is hit and miss for me. I don’t mind it but sometimes I just say “oh I should’ve headed that, why didn’t it come off of my head and not just bounce off of me”. Maybe while jumping, holding right mb will move your head in a direction and your charge will determine how far your head goes back and in turn how hard you’re going to head the ball.

The game doesn’t need focus on graphics so just focus on animations and features in game.
You need to set clear rules, guidelines and all that stuff for both players AND admins. I’ve seen players scream n*gger and blare music down their mic whilst trolling in game, leaving goals in as keeper or scoring own goals on purpose while running around the pitch doing whatever they want and get a 30 minute ban. Ye need to be more strict with lads like this. Have the first ban for stuff like that be an hour, then 2, then 6, then a day. Stuff like that. Be strict and they won’t do it again. I’m seeing these guys getting banned for a few mins then coming back and doing it again. Also have mutes be longer than 10 or 20 mins for people who won’t stop? I mute these lads but all I hear from my teammates is arguing telling them to shut up instead of hearing me saying where I’m gonna pass or whatever.
Take it from someone who used to admin and run a server full of cancer, these lads won’t stop unless yer strict.

Also more customisation options and the ability to change stuff without going spectator lel. That’s annoying af losing a place in an 8v8 server with 20 players just cos man wants a different number lel

Love you xx <3