General Improvements to Mechanics and Gameplay


1st Improvement: Reduce goalkeeper’s shooting power. In a 4v4 match with player goalkeepers, they usually keep shooting to the opponent’s goal directly because the GK is not a bot and can make mistakes like not catching the ball resulting in a goal. Then the opponent GK does the same and shoots to the other GK directly, he holds it and then shoots back to the opponent keeper again where he holds then shoots it back and so on leaving the player in the middle just watching goalkeepers shooting at each other and they cant do anything about it.

2nd Improvement: There are problems with the slide tackles and foul system, I am not sure how to fix this but every time I slide tackle someone I just go through them and nothing happens and I am not sure how to do a foul, it just happens with luck and I heard someone the other day say in a match ‘‘Dont do slide tackles, they are broken rn’’ so I just wanted to bring this to your attention.

These are all the ideas I have for now.


The GK thing, it can be seen in regular/amateur matches, but their power would need to be changed depending on the size of the field, it’s understandable if they would be limited to like a bit after the midfield or something and don’t have the power to kick after/above that but I don’t think they should be tweaked so much since this is only seen in certain matches, once you play with people that aren’t silly/stupid you won’t see this at all, it’s just one of the things that make us wish there was a easy votekick option. You could always try asking them to stop and if they don’t oh well :confused:

Slide Tackles if you don’t hold Left-Click as you do them it will only work as a body-collider meaning your extended leg has no hitbox and your body itself is the only thing that ‘might’ collide with the ball (might be wrong on the phrasing). So if you want Slide Tackling to be effective or better you will need to hold left-click as you slide/during the slide, this will make it so if your ‘whole’ body most of the time the moment it gets close to the ball and it knows you’re doing the slide tackle will kick/push the ball to the general direction you’re going or where it makes sense depending on how it hit you and where you’re facing.