FIFA pro clubs player


Hi. Im tacosvelos. I play the fifa pro clubs series heavely, i played for a few teams in few seasons competively for a league (amatuer league) but i stopped because the game itself is not ready for a true competitive esports futbol league. And EA doesnt give a fuck about this community… So in my search to find a game that can i found this game… Saw a few videos and i gotta say this game has HUGE potential… If you do it right this game can be THE world futbol game for ESPORTS… A true 3rd person career in online football for gamers and competition… Do you have the vision like i do??? Its HUGE

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Absolutely, however IOSoccer is for us a hobby project and not something that we earn a living for.

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I think you made a really good observation about IOSoccer.
Would absolutly love to see IOSoccer reach a ESports stage.