Dear admins


imagine getting banned for life from sim rai servers for pretty much nothing LOL, well now i cant fucking play ios ever again for triggering one of the admins by doing nothing??? unless i remember correctly all i said was ‘ill ban u first’ as a response to him saying hed ban me, then boo hoo hoo im banned. imagine preventing me from playing a game that i like for triggering some childish admin. oh well you cant win them all. not only that if i try to make new steam accounts they all automatically link to my original one so im fucked because im always banned no matter how many accounts i make. its not as if i fucking cheated, i just triggered some cuntish admin, i just wonder if having your feelings hurt is on the same level as cheating :slight_smile:
p.s looking at the other topics where people are banned they have no reply or response from any fucking admin, so i guess this community is fucked or maybe they were unbanned and its not obvious, idk


nvm all sorted, ty admins :smiley: