'Admin' insulting me and my nation


I joined a match and zero l denneh, who said he is an admin of this game(idk if that is true), started insulting Cyprus nation, me and my friend… I tried to tell him if he takes back everything he said for us we could get along or at least remain silent without insulting anyone but he wouldnt stop. So I started insulting him back (which it was my bad…) and I apologize that I couldnt keep my cool but also I do not think insulting someone’s nationality is right… Unfortunately I have to screenshots of him starting the whole drama but next time if I see him, I will screenshot it and keep you posted about it


First of all sorry for the very late answer.

For the next time, indeed make screenshots or video and report them to the matchmaking admins (green) or moderators (yellow) @ our Discord guild https://chat.iosoccer.com