Console commands (2)

Remember that you need RCON access in the specific server and always add rcon in front of everything. CFG exec [config name] Execute a config that has pre-made commands ready. Most commonly used are 4v4.cfg, 5v5.cfg a…

About the Support category (1)
Common questions, problems, and solutions (3)

FAQ My game isn’t starting / is crashing / behaves strangely Try one or more of the following steps: Verify your local files through Steam. Open regedit and delete Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Source\iosoc…

Dedicated Server Guide (2)

Windows dedicated server installation example Download SteamCMD and extract steamcmd.exe to a folder Open the folder in Explorer, hold shift, right-click in an empty area and click Open command/PowerShell window here. …

Manual (4)

FAQ Video tutorial Game controls This is based on the default config. LMB = Left Mouse Button RMB = Right Mouse Button Basics Show join menu:…

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